Realistic cUSTOM Enterprise Software

Software You Will just Love

Our clients appreciate that we take a very down-to-Earth, no-nonsense approach to creating software for them. We establish business priorities early on in the discovery process (rapid time-to-market, inexpensive, high quality: choose two), find the fastest, critical path to the minimum viable product and communicate very clearly and often.


How we do it better

Keep the Client engaged throughout

Because we’ve spent a great deal of time working in the software industry, we’ve had plenty of time to study what works and what doesn’t.

Towards that end, we’ve stripped our personnel, processes and methods down to bare essentials. For our customers, that means faster deliveries and less cost.

For us, it means less red tape and bureaucracy, and a chance to enjoy what we do.

Square Pegs in round holes

generic versus specific, custom solutions

Customer companies needing custom enterprise software no longer have to settle for “square pegs in round holes” solutions, where a barely applicable, generic, very large, pre-created application is “customized” for the client. This process, most often, consists of removing or hiding large parts of the generic application, because the client didn’t want it or need it, and certainly wouldn’t appreciate paying for it, with a small amount of custom text, drop-down boxes, images and reference data.

These configurations require expensive provider experts, not because the work is difficult or complicated, but because the generic application is so large, only experts know where everything lives. Implementations can take up to two years; enough time so that the application becomes obsolete about the time it is fully implemented and matured. We blow that paradigm away entirely: you get just what you need, with no pre-formed, and useless excess.