let robots do the work for you

Database automation means that the programs are part of the database, internal components accessible only from the database and applications granted access to the database.

In-database automation is almost always faster than external automation, and more secure, since it resides in the database, hidden from the outside by both the host system and the network, and much cheaper since code is centralized, in only one place, used everywhere.

Upgrades are easier and can often be done live, quickly, by replacing old code with newer code. No downtime is needed. Maintenance and releases are vastly simplified.

Fewer resources are needed. All application code for manipulating data (by far the largest job in enterprise applications) lives in the database, and is merely called by the application code. Far less application code is required, and fewer development resources are needed.


clean code, Well documented

Good coding practice should assume someone else will take over development in the future. The code is self-documented so thoroughly that a later developer can rapidly understand it, maintain it, add to it and change it as business needs change. “Job security code” is a thing of the past, with “teamwork-friendly code”  the new standard.


thorough testing

Software testing should verify functionality, try to break the code every way imaginable, and, most importantly, try to break in (penetrate) to test the security of the application. It’s far better to know the strengths and weaknesses of a code base than to find them the hard way. Once understood, the application can be armored more thoroughly against hostile attacks as well as everyday, accidental surprises users are famous for discovering.

automation architecture

Software architecture matters, just like for a building.

There must be a big picture to guide Agile and minimize chaos.

We do all of these things by habit and as a matter of course.


Your software should just work. That’s how we build your customized software to make your days easier.