custom enterprise software seen through new eyes

vision as the servant of necessity

Modern businesses rely on software increasingly as time goes on. Customers have a business to run, and need their software providers to make their jobs as efficient, economic, simple and fast as possible. They care little about particular technologies and even less about the inner workings of their providers. What they pray for are providers who can understand their challenges very clearly and quickly, rapidly create well designed, economic, relevant, sustainable and timely solutions to those challenges, and deliver and support those solutions throughout the useful lifetime of the resulting software.

The job of a good enterprise software provider is to take care of the technology, software development, delivery, and maintenance, freeing their customers to focus on business.


simple to drive, complex under the hood

The joy of driving a well-made vehicle

Customers don’t need a jetliner when a car will do. Even if the car required a huge engineering effort and many complicated, interacting parts to build, the driver cares only about how the car drives, how much it costs, how long it lasts, and how easy it is to maintain. Enterprise software exists to make very complex business operations comprehensible and achievable to the human beings who run a business. They shouldn’t have to google every other thing they do, it should be obvious and intuitive. Even if their businesses are complex and intricate, their software should be, and can be, easy to use.

We’ve spent our lifetimes in the software business. We know what our customers need, because we know what we need to get our jobs done. That empathy tells us what to do and how to do it; our customers benefit from great vehicles to drive their businesses.

engineering as architecture

good foundations make strong, long-lasting buildings

Engineering differs from architecture; the first is more concerned with science, facts and trade-offs, the second more with utility and aesthetics. Ugly software is like an ugly building; it might get the job done; however, it is less than pleasant to use and can significantly hinder business. On the other hand, simple, elegant software can be a joy to learn and use. Learning curves are shortened, the users are happier and more likely to use the software, and the value to the business over time is significantly increased.

The foundation of our business is the creation of firm foundations and beautiful, functional custom enterprise software buildings for our customers. Through us, our customers can focus on what they do best: create meaning and value through their businesses.